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Despite arguably being any country's most valuable resource, Namibia's populace, like in many other countries, are highly motivated yet lack the means to maximise their success.

Our Human Capital thematic area targets creating professional development, income-earning and personal growth opportunities that result in a highly capable and stable workforce who are able to design and deliver the future of the country. We specifically focus on women and youth-empowerment in the informal sector as these demographics often receive the least attention from other efforts.

With statistics such as the 60% unemployment rate among youth under 25 years old, and a 50% failure rate at secondary school, new interventions are necessary.

Projects and Ventures


Building Bosses

Skills Development/Entrepreneurship

Micro-entrepreneurship incubator for the informal sector.

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Franchised retail agency network for informal sector providing "last-mile" distribution - especially for cleaning supplies.



Increase earning potential with an eCommerce platform in DACH for high-quality, artisanal jewellery and crafts for Namibian craftspeople.


Creating Coders

Skills Development 

A software development coding academy that trains world class Namtechnology professionals and links them to the worldwide technology market.

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