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We start with projects to ideate solutions to systemic issues. If the hypothesis of a project can be validated, we turn it into a venture. Our ventures are commercial businesses that emerge from our projects. They need support in their early stages, yet the aspiration is for them to become independent, scale, raise capital, reach profitability, and continue to sustainably solve the systemic issue and reach the impact goals that the original project identified.

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Human Capital


FOOD SEcurity

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Retail agency network for informal sector providing "last-mile" distribution.

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Artisan network providing training, tools and an eCommerce marketplace in DACH.

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Building Bosses

Micro-entrepreneurship incubator for the informal sector. 

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Clean Hands

Soap recycling/redistribution to disadvantaged communities with gently used soap from the tourism industry.

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Green Namibia

Deploying Green Energy technologies widely amongst Namibian consumers.

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Eat Well

Export-quality produce for local consumption in close partnership and symbiosis with its host community.



The AquaNam project seeks to create a horizontally and vertically integrated aquaponics ecosystem that results in skills development, employment and food production within Namibia's smaller towns.

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