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Aquaponics in Namibia: Farming for the Future

Aquaponics is relatively unknown in Namibia and virtually unknown in Namibia's informal sector. Its approach to combine fish farming (aquaculture) and soil-free farming (hydroponics) lead to water recirculation and sustainability in a hyper-local way, highly relevant to Namibia.

AquaNamibia, our upcoming aquaponics project, was ideated to leverage its principles of local food production and water conservation to address problems of food security and income erosion in informal communities.

Starting in Mariental, the aim is to create a model of sustainable development in towns across Namibia where fresh food and fish can be grown and consumed locally, and excess to be sold commercially, leading to the two aforementioned impact goals being reached.

The project targets vulnerable youth and consists of a demonstration aquaponics farm and training center, resulting in 100 commercially viable micro-agribusiness, technical and entrepreneurial skills development, and local employment. Upon graduating, participants will be supported to start their own agri-businesses based on aquaponics, ultimately growing and selling everything from lettuce, tomatoes, cucumbers, and herbs!

Are you interested in getting involved? Impact Tank is actively looking for funding opportunities and strategic partnerships. Email us today and a member of our team will be in touch!

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