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Gobabis Got Matched!

Our third stop on our national MatchME2Funding journey was Gobabis, situated 206km east of Windhoek in the Omaheke region. Gobabis was matched to funding on the 4-6 October 2021 where the 20 successful shortlisted participants attended a 2-day micro-entrepreneurial training course, followed by a pitch day event.

The pitch day boasted a variety of attendees, judges and guest speakers that joined both physically and virtually through our live stream. Our esteemed judges for the event included Mr. Eustance Ntonda (Local Economic Development Officer at the Gobabis Municipality) and Mr. Jafeta Mbuendejefta (Regional Youth Officer for the Omaheke Region).

We were honoured with the presence of the Governor of Omaheke Region, Hon. Pijoo Nganate, whom made the welcoming remarks. Honourable Nganate made the opening remarks and spoke about the O-Space which is an innovation and incubation village and how entrepreneurship creates jobs and contributes to the decline in youth unemployment within the region and the whole country in general. He further added that programs such as MatchMe2Funding strengthens entrepreneurship platforms and plans already in place.

Ms. Veruschka De La Harpe and Mr. Gernot De Klerk from Nedbank Namibia, a proud partner of MatchME2Funding, personally joined the pitch event. Ms. De La Harpe made the welcoming remarks for the pitch event and thanked Impact Tank together with Startup Namibia for initiating MatchME2Funding with the aim of matching innovative and sustainable businesses to available funding. She highlighted the risk Covid continues to play, especially in terms of economic growth and how it is essential to identify each and every player that can contribute to the growth of the Namibian economy. Furthermore, as Nedbank is a financial institution that cares for peoples’ money seriously, Nedbank Namibia has strategically partnered with Impact Tank and Startup Namibia to identify those individuals and businesses that require guidance and funding in their business journeys. Thereby ensuring these business ideas, birthed through MatchME2Funding, develop and become sustainable and successful businesses. She further encouraged the participants and commenced them on their MatchMe2Funding journey.

The 18 eager participants all presented enthusiastic and detailed pitches which captivated the judging panel. Ultimately, the judges’ votes were tallied, and we had our three winners! In 3rd place, winning N$3250.00, was Mr. Nico Tlhabanello Solar Energy & Solar Water installations. Nico plans to provide a cheaper form of electricity to his community. In 2nd place, winning N$4250.00, was Mr. Marvin De Klerk with his company MD Detergents Manufacturing. Marvin is professionally trained in detergent manufacturing and boasts a solid business plan to get his business up and running. And finally, in 1st place, winning a grand total of N$10000.00, was Mr. Nicklaas Ngondo with his business Ngondo Investments, Livestock Feeds and Agri-Consultancy. Nicklaas aims to train local farmers in and around the Omaheke region in order to add value to their stock. He highlighted that new farmers tend to lose income and capital because they do not have adequate training or experience in agriculture.

As Impact Tank, in partnership with Startup Namibia, matches further regions with business funding, we plant and spread the seed of entrepreneurial culture and initiate growth for Namibia through a grass roots approach.

Stay tuned for updates from Gobabis MatcME2Funding!

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