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SportUp Namibia – Demo Day

Impact Tank, in partnership with the Namibian Ministry of Education, Arts and Culture, GIZ (namely Startup Namibia and Sport for Development in Africa) and IPESS implemented an incubation program to provide Namibian sports and fitness entrepreneurs a platform for much needed visibility and engagement in the industry.

Impact Tank hosted the 8-week incubation programme for startups in the sports and fitness sector, created from the recognition that Namibian sports and fitness entrepreneurs fail to receive support targeted to their needs despite their promise. The incubator worked to accelerate the development of selected startups in the Namibian sports and fitness sector by providing a platform for employment and entrepreneurship. The programme included content such as fundamental business principles, digital literacy, business models, financial frameworks, and growth strategies as applied to the sports and fitness industry and demonstrated through relevant case studies. The programme has supported 16 startups from across Namibia via weekly sessions and mentoring from industry experts.

Sportup Namibia
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On the 28th of January Sportup Namibia hosted a Demo Day whereby each of the startups presented an expo stand which followed with the pitch event. Each startup was provided with an expo stand with all the necessary branding to enable them to effectively network with industry stakeholders and potential investors. This offered great exposure and networking for the startups. Special guests featured the Governor of the Bank of Namibia, Johannes !Gawaxab and Deputy Minister of Information, Communication and Technology, Honourable Emma Inamutila Theofelus.

The founders of the startups then presented their business pitch decks to a panel of industry relevant judges. The judging panel consisted of Shetu Shipena (Senior Associate of EOS Capital), Steven Berry (Manager of Wanderers Sports Club) and Veruschka De La Harpe (Board Member of Namibian Boxing Federation), with other partners and potential investors present. In total, 16 startups pitched on the day, from a wide range of industry categories such as sport technology, nutrition, sports academy, sports agencies, and sport education to name a few. After a long and difficult decision-making process by the judges the winners were named!

  1. In first place winning the grand total of N$15,000.00 was Elifila Premium Sports Academy founded by Peter Haufiku. EPSA27 is the first ever Namibian sports agency. They provide athlete representation both on and off the field/court/track for all sport codes.

  2. In second place, winning N$10,000.00 was Namib Lions Adaptive Sport Academy founded by Michael Hamukwaya. NLASA provides tailor made sports programs for person with impairments by creating awareness in our society to equal sport opportunities for all.

  3. In third place, winning N$7500.00 was Kavita Sport Performance founded by Unomasa Kavita. Kavita Sport Performance offers strength and conditioning training to help improve athlete’s speed, strength, power and agility.

Meet the Startups Blurb
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Impact Tank will continue to mentor, guide and assist the startups in the next 8 weeks to ignite their startup journey in the sports and fitness industry throughout the Namibian region.

We believe it is programs such as Sportup Namibia that play a fundamental role in progressing the Namibian entrepreneurship culture and ultimately uplifting the livelihoods of Namibians.

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