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Unlocking the Potential of Machine Learning in Namibia

Across the globe, the value of information is increasing dramatically, no longer is it a choice, but a need for countries in Africa to invest in relevant skills needed to successfully transition into a digital age.

With one of the youngest and fastest growing population. This presents several substantial challenges, one being the skills gap in the tech sector.

Yet the big question stands; can we begin to take advantage of data science and its subsets such as Machine learning to solve some of our most pressing problems, when it still remains a mystery.

In the same way one may be baffled by the sight of the Milky Way, Machine learning can be just as intimidating. It’s a vast domain of known unknowns - an ocean of numbers and algorithms that can take your breath away. Yet, this is why people gravitate towards it, because the possibilities are endless and exciting.

You ask may yourself, where do I start? What are the key ingredients? How does it work? How does it relate to Big Data?

While it is easy to get overwhelmed when looking into Machine Learning you should know that it all boils down to one simple idea: giving a computer (machine) a set of information (data/algorithms) in which to 'learn' from and perform a task.

It is a concept that has permeated our daily lives through the internet and technology. One that you have seen many working examples of: the smartphone voice recognition of 'Hey Google' to your YouTube content recommendations to the personalized suggestions from your favorite apps.

This landscaping revolution of data science holds much value, not only in creating convenience but in developing targeted social solution and the creation of new entrepreneurial ventures across Africa.

Machine learning is a powerful opportunity for Africa's digital economy.

One that will undoubtedly open doors for a new generation of young African data scientists as our digital economy continues to evolve and prove fruitful.

Initiatives such as Adaire's Creating Coders have an opportunity to lead the next wave of development by focusing on the foundations of knowledge and skills needed for young talents within Namibia to explore and decode the secrets of data science. Allowing data science to be a channel for social good - accessible to any citizen, student and community leader.

To that end, If you or someone you know is interested in machine learning or data science, we've got a great opportunity coming up! We have partnered with Adaire to host a demo fair for the young talents of Namibia to learn how they can use Data Science as an essential element in any industry or organization.

Our upcoming workshop on the 23 - 24 May will give attendees the chance to learn from some of the best in the business and get their foot in the door of the tech world.

Register your interest now and don't miss out!

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