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AquaNam is a project ideated by Impact Tank that intends to create a horizontally and vertically integrated aquaponics ecosystem that results in skills development, employment and food security within Namibia's smaller towns.

Aquaponics is a food production system that couples aquaculture with hydroponics where the nutrient rich aquaculture water is fed to hydroponically grown plants. Both the fish and resultant vegetables can be consumed.

Our vision is threefold:

  • Build a commercially viable network of aquaponics farms owned and operatated by SMEs, producing well-priced green vegetables for local consumption;

  • Increase the awareness, acceptance and technical skills related to aquaponics and entrepreneurship;

  • Demonstrate Aquaponics as a
    viable farming solution within Namibian cities, encouraging replication, leading to wider impact such as import substitution.

Thematic Area

Food Security


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