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Creating Coders: Unleashing Namibia's Software Development Potential

Namibia has a vibrant yet underutilized software development ecosystem, with many university graduates and self-taught software developers remaining un/under-employed in the software field. Competent software professionals struggle to find jobs in this field in Namibia and thus have to relocate to South Africa or farther afield to do so.

Rather than continually lose local talent who have critical and valuable skills within this "knowledge" economy, our upcoming project Creating Coders intends to marshal Namibia's software development talent, with the goal of creating high-value employment opportunities.

The project will be inclusive in who it addresses but will have a particular focus on providing increased opportunities for women, the disabled, and those from marginalized backgrounds, given the lower representation these groups experience.

As a first step to this project, we invite all existing and enquiring software developers interested in

this project, to get in touch and submit

their details to our growing Talent Network - a repository of Namibian software developers and their skills.

Further questions about the program? Don't hesitate to email us today and a member of our team will be in touch!

Stay tuned for more updates on our upcoming projects!


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