Clean Hands Clean Body Healthy Life

CLEAN HANDS is a project created and run by IMPACT TANK with the goal of solving the hygiene gap in orphanages and other disadvantaged groups of children, by recycling gently-used soap from Namibia’s large tourism sector.

CLEAN HANDS collects, sanitizes, recycles and redistributes gently-used soap from Namibian hotels and lodges, ensuring that this soap is not disposed but rather finds a second life with communities that need it.

Project Details

We collect used soap from the hotel industry. We recycle the soap and disinfect the new bars. Then distribute these to vulnerable communities.

Project Goals
  • Increase the availability of soap and hygiene education to disadvantaged children (target: orphanages and township children); 10k children reached by project end in 2022.
  • Reduce the disposal of soap into landfills. 10% of current soap disposal from tourism industry.
  • Reach a commercially viable model to ensure long term sustainability of approach. Breakeven by 2022.

Building Bosses – Informal Micro-Entrepreneurship Incubation

This project is run by IMPACT TANK with the goal of tackling the large youth unemployment issue in Namibia amongst the informal sector.

Applying methods of entrepreneurship incubation commonly used in the formal sector, this project introduces basic business skills, offers support and training and provides a platform to Namibian youth empowering them to create their own sustainable businesses.

Project Details

We take these orphaned youth on a laddered entrepreneurship journey:

We ideate micro business models. We collaborate with orphanages to nominate promising talent. We provide capital, training, support, mentorship to empower these youth to reach success. Then we incrementally enhance their businesses with more sophisticated tools.

Project Goals
  • Reduce youth unemployment amongst post teen orphans; ensure employment of 200 orphans in 2 years;
  • Introduce basic business skills and incubate ventures resulting in self employment for most of the cohorts;
  • Launch 20 formalised SME businesses in 3 years capable of employing others;
  • Scale 3 businesses into substantial revenues in 5 years.