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Building Bosses

Building Bosses is a micro-entrepreneurship incubation project within the informal sector. The micro-incubator takes participants, recruited from disadvantaged homes, through a 12-week program of business basics then provides seed-product to the “graduates" of the program to start their first business. In addition to the classroom learning, participants receive 1 year of ongoing mentorship, access to a computer lab, computer literacy classes and the opportunity to collaborate in a community where they can foster their own business ideas.

The project intends to:

  • Seed a culture of entrepreneurship as a
    structured means towards self employment in the informal community;

  • Catalyse and support the creation of new businesses within the informal sector;

  • Deliver a lighthouse case of the success of entrepreneurship within the informal sector;

  • Demonstrate a model of entrepreneurship development that can be
    replicated and scaled, and
    will inspire further action.

Thematic Area

Human Capital


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