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Creating Coders

Creating Coders is a software development coding academy, ideated by Impact Tank to train professional software developers and technology professionals in Namibia and increase their participation in the global 'knowledge-economy'. Critically, the project includes the market-linkage activities necessary to ensure these technology professionals secure stable and fulfilling jobs in the global technology sector.

While fully inclusive, the project has a particular focus on youth, women, traditionally disabled and those typically underrepresented in the technology sector.

Our vision is fourfold:

  • Create employment opportunities that deliver well-paid and fullfilling work;

  • Increase skills capabilities and opportunities bringing them to a world class level, and making these attainable to all;

  • Inspire the creation of a new generation of technologists who can propel Namibia forward in the next decades.

  • Contribute to the macro-economic diversification of the Namibian economy through technology

Thematic Area

Human Capital


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