Our Food Security thematic area is focused on reducing reliance on food imports into Namibia and improving Namibia's ability for self sufficiency in food production.

Despite its reputation as a desert nation, Namibia is blessed with vast tracts of arable and irrigable land, ample fresh water resources and a long coastline that can be exploited using desalination technology. However, Namibia imports 60% of its horticultural needs and 95% of its fruit. 

Our ambition is to improve Namibia's agricultural production, the diversity of its production and its capability via the skills of the workforce necessary to support this activity - ultimately preserving valuable foreign currency reserves and providing the nation with a plentiful and well-priced food supply.

Projects and Ventures


Eat Well

Food Production

The Eat Well project seeks to deliver a unique agri-production and processing enterprise, growing export-quality produce while supporting the surrounding community with infrastructure and skills acquisition.



Food Production

The AquaNam project seeks to create a horizontally and vertically integrated aquaponics ecosystem that results in skills development, employment and food production within Namibia's smaller towns.